Sunday, 29 June 2014

When you arrive say something nice...

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 Thing is about taking the making, is the baking is better than the faking...

You finished...

Say something nice when you arrive... [that you yourself thought of for the book of records...]
RankCountryFilms producedYear
1 India1,178.22005-2009 (average)
2 Nigeria1,093.52005-2009 (average)
3 United States554.62005-2009 (average)
4 Japan409.22005-2009 (average)
5 China379.62005-2009 (average)
6 France228.22005-2009 (average)
7 Russia227.22005-2009 (average)
8 Germany179.02005-2009 (average)
9 Spain164.62005-2009 (average)
10 Italy124.02005-2009 (average)
11 South Korea118.42005-2009 (average)
12 United Kingdom118.42005-2009 (average)
13 Philippines91.22005-2009 (average)
14 Bangladesh88.42005-2009 (average)
15 Canada76.22005-2009 (average)
When the trousers need a womans hand and threading care the whiskey is on the shelf warm, when the whiskey is warmer than the room it should be in it's temperature, good and ready for it's temperature...
Lane Turner ~ The Truth About Lyin'